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Late yesterday, or early this morning, someone posted an ethnic joke in the form of a riddle on the forum. It was a fusion of a “change a light bulb” and “in a bar” type of joke, with a diverse list of ethnicities and races. The joke was one paragraph and totally readable without clicking on it, with only 4 views until JB posted a reply indicating that the answer depended on whether the bartender was a (derogatory name: Italian) or (derogatory name: Irish). The view count started jumping noticeably after JB’s post. 


JB is a troll and his interest is in humor, not racism. I figured he choose those two ethnicities because he’s of Italian heritage and I’m Irish. I thought his reply has to be funnier than the punch line of the joke. That remains to be seen, though, because I still don’t know the punch line, but I have a good guess. 


Lancelot Link told me that during the initial re-sequencing processing for his genetic enhancement, he awoke one morning to notice he’d become black.  He said during the first life-changing moments while he looked in the mirror, he heard Rod Sirling’s voice, “For your consideration, Mr. Lancelot Link, formerly a mutterer of racial slurs and ethnic jokes; now, an Ebony reader in the Twilight Zone.”  OMG! LMAO! Is it racist of me to think that funny?  


During a subsequent enhancement, Lancelot also became a woman. You can read about it here.  


Chimp Roland, the principal ethics adviser to Lancelot’s A.P.E, advised that it would be easier and more natural in establishing egalitarian parity by hating everyone equally.  He called it the “Dirty Harry” equality theory.   The issue was tabled for more research. 



Today’s assignment: Compare and contrast how a mathamation, an engineer, and a physicist would approach changing a light bulb.  For extra credit, include how a banker would approach the problem. smiley




GingerAle 09-dic-2017

Donut, your joke is simply a pun.  It couldn’t be racist because Russians are not a race; it’s not an ethnic joke because it does not focus on the ethnicity of your friend.  It simply focuses on the alliterative rhyming relation between the verb “rushin(g)” and the noun “Russian.”   


Your friend may have responded as he did because he’s hypersensitive to the current social constructs in society.  In this case, the social construct is race and ethnicity—often used interchangeably.  He may have been “bully-ragged” over a “racist” remark, and he’s probably seen others so castigated for similar offenses. He then would feel compelled to pass it on to you, possibly as a type of catharsis, or believing this lessens his “offence” if he’s not the only one who is “guilty.” 


There are physical laws of the universe that can destroy us if we violate them, such as trying to occupy the same space as a larger mass—like a train. I’ve seen this twice in my life, and I can say the result is gruesome and messy. Likewise, violating social or moral laws can destroy us too. Transgress either law, and you’re in for a world of misery and doom.  For the physical laws there are precise and measurable limits that are repeatable every time; for the social laws the consequences are arbitrary and nebulous, and very as much as the individuals who exercise the judgment. These laws change from one generation to the next, and of course, from one culture to the next. 



GingerAle 09-dic-2017

Actually, that is the professional way of doing it, when you’re teaching concepts. 


Here’s a LaTex formatted, reproduction from

deriving the general solution formula for circle cutting (pancake cutting) problems in a plane.


\(\begin{array}{lrl} F(1) &=& 2 \\ F(2) &=& 2+f(1) \\ F(n) &=&n+f(n-1) \\ \small \text{Therefore, }\\ &=&n+(n-1)+f(n-2)\\ &=&f(1)+\sum \limits_{k=2}^{n}k \\ &=&2+\dfrac{1}{2}(n+2)(n-1) \\ &=&\dfrac{1}{2}(n^2+n+2) \\ \end {array} \)


Here’s the specific solution for this problem using the quadratic formula. As expected, this matches Hectictar’s solution.


\(\dfrac{(n^2+n+2)}{2}=16\\ n^2+n+2=32\\ n^2+n-30=0\\ \dfrac{-1+\sqrt{1^2-4\cdot \:1(-30)}}{2 \cdot 1} = 5\\ \dfrac{-1-\sqrt{1^2-4\cdot \:1(-30)}}{2\cdot \:1} = -6 \small \text{ (Not used as a solution for this problem in this universe.* }\\ \)


*The negative six (-6) is a solution in an alternate universe.

I’ve visited that universe.  I noticed on the forum there, that Sisyphus is the prolific solution master for mathematics, and CPhill is the well-known rock-roller.laugh





GingerAle 06-dic-2017

A question of Ethics:


You know, you could just say it's rude to delete your post blab blah etc jabber on and then post back my question right? But no, you didn't.


Oh, But I did. I did that very thing. I said its rude then jabbered on; then posted back your question. 


Instead, you acted like ginger. Very bitter, and nasty.


Yes, I did act like Ginger.  That’s who I am.  Generally, it’s only adolescents and adults who act like little bratty children that of think of me as bitter and nasty.  So, it’s easy to understand why you think so. 


 What you're telling me, is that if CPhill or Melody weren't going to hide unethical comments as such, why would you want to make them in the first place?


Your question is a non sequitur.  I’ll answer it, though.


It’s not unethical to sound a fire alarm if there is a fire. It’s not unethical to sound the Ahole alarm if there is an Ahole nearby. 


However, it is unethical to vandalize a post. Once you make a post and it is answered, it’s no longer your post—it belongs to the forum. Over time, potentially thousands of students can learn from these posts. However, that can never happen, because you effectively destroy them.  That is unethical and it is petty; so yes, I would curse you. The only reason I didn’t, is because a moderator would likely hide the post and you would not be able to read it. That would be kind of pointless, wouldn’t it?


Another thing you should know is Andree Massow, the web master, will ban you for deleting your question posts. He has no sense of humor about it.  . . . Well maybe he does have a sense of humor about it, but he will still banish you. Here’s an example of someone who píssed off Herr Massow.


Bad character I suppose. I would try to start acting like Fanta, very nice and sweet.


Scréw that! That’s out of character for me. Perhaps my character is bad. It’s not a certainty, but it’s open for debate.  Irish GinerAle doesn’t rank high on the list of favorite sodas for bratty children and adolescents, but it’s higher on the list than the lime-y flavor of Julius.


GingerAle isn’t just a sobriquet— it is my name. I’m Ginger Alexandra.  




GingerAle 02-dic-2017


This post has an explanation of the physics by Sir Alan and an example by Heureka.


Here is a reproduction of  Heureka’s math, using the data from this question.


\(\begin{array}{rcl} I &=& \frac{P}{4\cdot \pi\cdot r^2} \qquad P = 23\ \text{watt} \qquad r = 19\ 500\ 000\ m\\ I &=& \frac{23}{4\cdot \pi\cdot 19500000^2} \\ \\ I &=& 4.8\cdot10^{-15}\ \frac{W}{m^2}\\ \end{array}\)


Closest answer from list:  5 x 10−15 W/m2



It’s usually not necessary to reinvent the wheel, but you must be careful not to inflate the tire on the wheel with hot air from a blarney bag. 

GingerAle 28-nov-2017

The relative quantity of sunlight is principal in determining the start of a biochemical processes that cause deciduous trees to shed their leaves. Ambient temperature decreases also affect this process, but to a lesser extent. A sudden freeze will slow or totally stop the leaf-shedding process, because the cold temperatures will slow the chemistry or destroy the altered cells that cause this process.  In extreme cases, the leaves will remain on the tree until springtime, when new growth pushes the old, dead leaves off the tree. A significant percentage of leaves are often naturally shed every year in the spring, anyway.   


Casual observations often hide and confuse the causes and effects in nature. Incidental and   coincidental events are often thought to be the cause, when they are neither the cause nor the effect. Consider animals that grow a “winter coat.” It is often thought the lower temperatures of fall cause this because this helps keep the animal warm in the winter. While that does keep the animal warmer, it is a reduction in sunlight, not temperature changes, that triggers the biological mechanism. As daylight time diminishes, many animals will start to grow thicker coats, and some will grow lighter-colored coats that eventually become completely white. This process “reverses” as the days become longer.


Several biochemical changes occur in the brain with seasonal sunlight reduction –the most notable being the reduction of serotonin. A reduction in serotonin initiates behavior changes and produces an undercoat of hair or fur in many mammals. If your pet dog or cat is growing a “winter coat” out of season, then this may indicate a reduction of serotonin caused by aberrant brain chemistry. A prescription for an SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) by a veterinarian will usually correct the off-season winter coat and related behavior changes.


It’s important to note these processes, leaf fall and winter coats, actually starts in the summertime. After the first day of summer, the days begin to shorten, and this starts the process. Seasonal daylight changes are very consistent, unlike weather patterns, which change from year to year, and can trend in a warming direction for decades before reversing and trending toward the colder temperatures. This has always been the case, despite the doomsayers of anthropomorphic global warming.   The evolutionary processes that establishing these processes are much more biased toward stable daylight ratios than temperature changes.




GingerAle 26-nov-2017

Here’s the correct presentation. Previously, I transposed the number and modulus divisor.

An excess consumption of fermented bananas might be a major contributing factor in the cause.  I’ve left the previous presentation as a monument to my error (The math is fine). This is an extremely rare event: this is only the second time I’ve made a mistake.surprise  The first time was when I thought I made a mistake, but I didn’t, so I was wrong in thinking I did. smiley



\(\begin{array}{rcll} n &\equiv& {\color{red}231} \pmod {{\color{green}3331}} \\ n &\equiv& {\color{red}1247} \pmod {{\color{green}1361}} \\ \text{Set } m &=& 3331\cdot 1361 = 4533491\\ \\ \end{array} \)


\(\begin{array}{rcll} n &=& {\color{red}231} \cdot {\color{green}1361} \cdot \underbrace{ \underbrace{ \underbrace{ \underbrace{ [ {\color{green}1361}^{\varphi({\color{green}3331})-1} \pmod {{\color{green}3331}} ] }_{=\text{modulo inverse 1361 mod 3331} } }_{=1361^{3330-1} \mod {3331} }}_{=1361^{3329} \mod {3331}}}_{=1980} + {\color{red}1247} \cdot {\color{green}3331} \cdot \underbrace{ \underbrace{ \underbrace{ \underbrace{ [ {\color{green}3331}^{\varphi({\color{green}1361})-1} \pmod {{\color{green}1361}} ] }_{=\text{modulo inverse 3331 mod 1361} } }_{=3331^{1360-1} \mod {1361} }}_{=3331^{1359} \mod {1361}}}_{=552}\\\\ n &=& {\color{red}231} \cdot {\color{green}1361} \cdot [ 1980] + {\color{red}1247} \cdot {\color{green}3331} \cdot [552] \\ n &=& 622494180+ 2292873864\\ n &=& 2915368044\\\\ && n\pmod {m}\\ &=& 2915368044\pmod {4533491} \\ &=& 333331\\\\ n &=& 333331+ k\cdot 4533491\qquad k \in Z\\\\ \mathbf{n_{min}} & \mathbf{=}& \mathbf{333331} \end{array} \)

GingerAle 25-nov-2017