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I just tried   Microsoft Edge browser.


Much of what does not work in Google Chrome DOES work in Microsoft Edge



the things that DO work in Google Chrome  (my normal browser) DO NOT work in Microsoft edge. !!


Look at  this :


IN Google Chrome this is one of the few LaTex things that DOES work



BUT in Microsoft Edge, where more of the LaTex is rendering, this one does NOT !



This is all so weird!!


When I tested with my android phone, using Google Chrome it seemed to render properly.  At least the quadratic fomula seemed to be correct.


The LaTex is not rendering properly on EITHER of my computers though.


Could the surrounding dollar signs have something to do with it? ... (I am just thinking out loud here)

Melody 16-ene-2018

More observations on La Tex display:


1)  In this question.


The LaTex is displaying properly in the heading but then only the coding is displayed in the body of the post.

That is my view of course.




2)   In this one the LaTex in the question is displaying perfectly  BUT the LaTex in Hectictar's answer is just displayed as a mass of code.



3)  When I post any LaTex it displays when I leave the LaTex box, I mean id displays properly after I press [ok] but it  never displays properly in the final post.




4)  The latex in this question displays completely properly.




5)  HERE is an interesting one:


If I go in to edit this post by Heureka it displays perfectly BUT

if I view it normally then half the LaTex displays almost properly and the other half is shown as code.

The table and the array display properly except at the beginning of each there is   \(    displayed and at the end  \)  displays


The rest of the LaTex displays as code.

Melody 13-ene-2018

It is really strange becasue some, like this one

display properly bot most, like Hectictars or any that I write, do not.


So if I enter the quadratic equation.

\(x = {-b \pm \sqrt{b^2-4ac} \over 2a}\)


The display works properly as I write it.

I expect the preview will display properly. I'll check in a moment and amend this sentence if it is wrong.


BUT  when I make the post it will display only as the raw LaTex code. (I'll amend this if it does display properly but I do not think that it will.   sad




OBT I have noted you problem. If I contact admin about this I will send him the address of this post so he will see your problem too. :)

Melody 13-ene-2018