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With all due respect, how was that not an assumption? I literally just asked a question because I needed help, and he automatically thought I was trying to get people to do my homework for me. I've been following this forum for at least 2 years now as a guest, and have never once come across such a rude and blunt response.


This is my first time ever making an account. As I have seen over the years, people post their questions and then they get them answered. It does not mean that the person is trying to get people to do their homework lol, they just need help. And before anyone says that "you have to show work in order to look like you don't just want us doing your homework," I have seen CPhill answer probably the most questions on here, most of them being questions without prior work.


2 years ago when I was using the site as a guest, I would post lots of questions while I was taking Trig, and CPhill answered all of them without accusing me of "getting him to do my homework." Sure, I get it, maybe you've had instances where people just wanted their homework done, but I feel it's wrong to assume everyone is like that. In the future, I will try my best to show work done prior, but with some of these questions I don't even know where to start.



Crazy how much it's changed around here lol. This is probably genuinely the worst way to get people to use the forum, as I've approached with nothing but aggressiveness. You only call me "rude" because I didn't just immediately apologize to straight for HIM accusing me of having you guys "do my homework" lmao. I really hope some of the people on here become a little more respectful and kind, like CPhill and Alan. At least Alan explained to me in a kind way of how I could avoid this situation in the future, rather than being impolite right from the jump. 


Have a good day

25 oct. 2021