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Hi "GW", thanks for your feedback!

It's about time you started putting education before profits.

Lol. What profits?

If you truly wanted this site to become a useful repository for future students and a welcoming community for those who decide to post a question, you wouldn't have to worry about making enough money to keep this piece of junk afloat.

Now the forum generates $0 income. In your opinion after spending a few hundred thoudsand $ in updating and improving the website, the website will attract more visitors? And then the revenue will increase? Like what, 50%? Let's see, $0 + 50%, Wow, nice.

deploying your hopeless AI moderator

Lacking the funds to rent a server with a powerful NVIDIA graphics card, I can't run a high-quality AI model. Renting a Google Cloud "a2-highgpu-1g" would be too costly. If you're open to donating several thousand dollars monthly, please inform me. Currently, I'm using a smaller 7 billion parameter model. Further reducing its capability with 4-bit quantization to fit a budget server inevitably limits its performance.

We do not need your attempts at moderation

Well, 99% of posts are spam or inappropriate content. You expecting that the volutary moderators of this forum should moderate this all manually in their free time is a little bit strange..

A place where users struggle daily with errors and malfunctions while

Sorry for the webite problems. A few years ago this website ran on more than a dozen high performance dedicated servers. But now it runs on a few cheap virtual low power servers. Of course there are very often peformance problems resulting in all kinds of timeout errors. Especially if one of the many AI companies scrape the forum to train their models.

the only questions being posted are still sham AoPS class material.

Learning math has no future, at least in the western world. The traffic to all math related websites clearly show that. Many students have no time to spend on solving math problems, I guess they are to busy watching TikTok all day.

12 sept 2023
31 jul 2023